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Sarahah is a free mobile application that allows you to receive anonymous feedback for self-development and constructive criticism. For those looking to discover their strengths and weaknesses to better perform in social or work settings, Sarahah helps by providing honest feedback from friends and co-workers directly to your smartphone.
Dedicated feedback messaging
Unlike your phone’s stock messaging app, Sarahah works as a dedicated messaging system in which you can’t see the sender when you receive a message. This anonymity allows for honest feedback so you receive your peer’s true opinions. This feedback can be for a presentation you’ve made, a reflection of your quality of work or simply a compliment. Like a text messaging application, you can control its settings, from push notification and email notification preferences to who you’d like to receive messages from; you’ve got the choice of opening your inbox up to everyone or just registered users.

Reach out to others
Sarahah works both ways. In the same way you receive messages from other users, you can send feedback to your own friends, co-workers or even your boss with the same level of anonymity. Keep things honest but respectful knowing that whoever you send it to can’t see it’s coming from you.

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