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What is the most interesting about the Samsung Internet is its privacy mode. You may use its “,Secret Mode”, and it will never reveal your browsing data. You may even use biometric (fingerprint) passwords if you wish to increase security further.

Less Visual Clutter For Everyday Browsing
The Samsung Internet software has content-blocking features that allow you to view websites without being overloaded with adverts. The pop-up blocker is good, and the function that stops pages from creating new windows is both rare and valuable. However, you need to install apps to be able to use the blocking functions. The software is very secure, and it has a reading mode and a saved pages mode. Scrap and share web content very easily if you have an S Pen.

A Consistent And Reliable Browsing Experience
One of the best things about Samsung Internet software is that it is built with Virtual Reality in mind, which means it may be used for 360 degree and 3D streaming. With a single click, you may find your favorite websites, and the content cards recommend websites and media that you may enjoy. This software is the only type of browser that may be used during ultra power saving mode. It is a worthy web browser for people who wish to surf in private.

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