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My Live Messenger is a Windows Live Messenger client for Android that allows you to exchange instant messages on your phone.

This unofficial MSN app for Android allows you to sign into your Windows Live account and chat with any contacts that are online. Essentially though, My Live Messenger is merely a skinned browser for the web version of Windows Live Messenger, and it is very awkward to use.

One of the major problems of My Live Messenger is that the instant messages you send aren’t very ‘instant’. In order to view a reply you have to hit the refresh button, which gets annoying very quickly. Also, because it uses the web version of Live Messenger the chat features are limited. For instance, My Live Messenger doesn’t allow you to share files or make voice or video calls.

There are a few basic things that My Live Messenger does let you do, though. It features the ability to invite other people to a conversation, block users, update your status, and change your appearance. There’s a decent selection of Windows Live emoticons, too.

My Live Messenger also allows you to check your Hotmail through a separate section.

While it’s true that My Live Messenger does allow you to chat via Windows Live on your Android phone, it’s so cumbersome that it’s not really worth bothering with.

Fixed refreshing usually bugs
Fixed refreshing usually bugs

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