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Modern women and men are increasingly seeking to look better, to be in good shape and more stylish, and the latest fashion trends contribute to it more than ever. However, without the simple rules of building a personal wardrobe and at least a poor understanding of fashion history, it is rather challenging to achieve the desired harmonious image. The best literature on style and fashion will help with comprehension the accident , its more complex professional moments. With their help, you will master useful tools and be able to improve your style. Remember, fashion is an integral part of world art and to realize all its subtleties, and you should put on energies.

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth Klein

The fashion scene is striving to become increasingly ethical; here, a new potential appears in the suite. The sense of investing in expensive things of perfect quality, which will serve year after year, is not only from an economic point of view but also from an ethical one. Elizabeth Klein described how cheap clothing has a detrimental effect on the globalized economy and ecology. Be warned that after reading you most likely will no longer want to buy things in the mass market.


Sustainable Fashion in a Circular Economy, Aalto University


The fashion industry is second in terms of environmental pollution. Today, large international corporations and local projects are interested in eco-friendly production. The company Kering, which owns the brands Gucci and Saint Laurent, launched a particular course on sustainability in the luxury segment at the London College of Art. LVMH oversees sustainable student projects in Central Saint Martins. Ethical production is an essential topic for research at the Finnish Aalto University. Interestingly, the authors (they are also teachers of Aalto University) consider sustainability from the outlook of not only production but also design and business strategy.


ToDieFor: IsFashionWearingOuttheWorld? By LucySiegle


How to make beautiful things to wear every day? This question is asked by the book`s author Lucy Siegel and reveals frightening facts about how cotton is harvested in Uzbekistan, how, contrary to the principles of humanity, animals are treated in some industries and how many employees of large brands work in terrible conditions from morning to night.


More or Less magazine


Responsible consumption has become the most crucial issue in the modern world: for example, the September issue of the British ELLE was devoted to sustainability. In addition to educational materials and interviews, the editors shed light on the subject through filming: vintage items, for example, were filmed next to megahits of the new season. Also in 2018 in London, the glossy magazine More or Less was launched, entirely devoted to conscious consumption. The list of contributors comprises fanciers of vintage Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny, British designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Simon Roch, and Erdem Moralioglu, especially for the numbers they sew couture dresses of scraps of fabric, and the legendary stylist Lucinda Chambers styled shooting with vintage items found on London. Portobello.


Good on You application


The Good on You team collects data from more than two thousand brands: working conditions of workers, spent natural resources, the scale of air pollution, attitudes toward animals, dangerous chemical elements that the brand can use in production. Also in the appendix appear useful materials about ethical consumption: collections of brands of swimsuits and underwear from recycled materials and news about eco-friendly developments in the scene.

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