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Facebook’s annual developer conference – the F8 2019 – began with a keynote address by the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg. During his hour-long speech, Zuckerberg presented a picture of what his company would look like in the future. He called it a “private social platform” – a social networking platform that is safe, deploys strong encryption to protect users’ private chats and offers a flexible interface that allows users to interact across apps without the hassle of switching between them or in other words offers interoperability.if you want to more information about private social platform contact Facebook phone number.

Later, he elaborated specifically, however, Facebook would accomplish his vision of a personal social platform. This included updates to apps and services – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. To some services, Zuckerberg and his generals added the end-to-end encryption – a technology that ensures that the contents of your WhatsApp conversation remain between you and your friend, to others they additional options that may bring individuals – communities and potential partners – along.

Safe to say that this year at its annual shindig, Facebook took a major step in restoring its image and yet ensuring that its platform is interesting as every. But just in case you skipped over on the updates, we have compiled a list of important announcements from the F8 2019 that would keep you hooked to Facebook for a long time.

Meet your hidden Crush

Let’s talk about your love life first. F8 at last year 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launching Date – a platform that would focus on “building real, long-term partnerships — not for hookups”. However, one big drawback of Facebook Dating was that it wouldn’t match you with your friends or in other words one of your friends on whom you have been crushing on forever. This year, Facebook mounted that by introducing a Secret crush list inside Facebook qualitative analysis that may match you together with your crush, provided they have put you in their secret list.

Traveler becomes secure

one in every of our biggest contentions with Facebook that it is aware of an excessive amount of concerning the U.S.A.. It knows where we are, what we are doing. It even knows what we are talking about. This time at F8 2019, Facebook fixed that. We already know that WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption in its chats. Now Facebook is bringing the same functionality to Messenger chats. This means that if you open up to your best friend about an embarrassing life moment on Messenger, it would stay safe between you two.

Messenger offers interoperability

Imagine a situation where you are narrating the story of your breakup to your friend on Messenger, responding to a work-related crisis in a WhatsApp group and planning a dinner with your best friend on Instagram — this looks like a disaster in making if only there was a way to respond to all these messages within a single app. Well, now there is. Messenger is rolling out a new feature that would allow users to respond to messages from their WhatsApp and Instagram friend without ever leaving Messenger.Many more information you want to contact our facebook support team.Get it all information.

Messenger comes to desktop

Facebook is more than just a social networking site. Today, many of us use Messenger to interact with our customers or with our colleagues in a Messenger group. Facebook wants to make this communication easier and so it is introducing a new desktop-based app for Messenger that would be available on both Windows and Mac OS later this year.

Watch videos together with your friends

Picture this, you are here in India working in some hotshot firm and your best friend is miles away in Germany doing her research and you spot this video from Game of Thrones season 1 that you watch together here in India. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could watch that video with your best friend even with the time difference? Well, Messenger is doing just that by introducing a new co-watch videos feature that would allow you to watch a video or a meme maybe with your friends in a single chat window.

Instagram gets a new camera

We all love sharing images and videos with our friends on Instagram but sometimes we want to share more than an image or video. Sometimes, you want to share a message or maybe sticker that conveys your message. So far, this wasn’t possible on Instagram. But that’s about to amendment within the coming back months as Instagram is introducing a replacement camera mode that may modify you to share messages mistreatment the app’s artistic tools even without an image or video.

WhatsApp gets a Catalogue

WhatsApp is undeniably one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Owing to some of the recent updates – WhatsApp Business — it has become extremely easy for people to buy and sell their products on WhatsApp. Now, this is going to become easier as WhatsApp is introducing a Product Catalogue feature that would give users (the buyers) a list of all the products being sold by a business.

Portal meets Alexa

When Facebook launched Portal last year, it was essentially a video calling device that couldn’t do more and be more. Now, virtually a year later Facebook is popping its soldier into a knight that might maybe vie with sensible displays by Amazon and Google some day. And this it is doing by introducing support for Alexa and Amazon Prime Video on the Portal. If you have already had a Portal, you will be able to use it for more stuff than simply calling your far-off relatives but if you don’t have it, fret not as Facebook is expanding its availability to 14 more countries in the coming year.

The portal becomes private

Last year when Portal was launched, people across the globe raised concerns about the Facebook Portal not being secure. A year later, Facebook is addressing those concerns by bringing end-to-end encryption to all calls on Portal. And in case I didn’t mention before, Portal is also getting support for WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook gets a replacement face

we have a tendency to all having been victimization Facebook since times old. We know where it hides its Settings and we know how to hide our location – in short, we are bored with it. Folks at Facebook realize this so that they area unit giving the platform a makeover. This means that within the coming back months your Facebook app and also the desktop website would be quicker, simpler and it would put your groups and communities in the forefront. In addition to this, the Facebook app is also getting a facelift. The new brand would focus a lot of on the Facebook communities.

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